Traveling to Giverny

I’m really looking forward to visiting Monet’s Gardens at Giverny. I’m also assuming that given it will be late May there will be a lot of color. Monet is by far my favorite Impressionist. I even tried to emulate his wonderful “Poppy Field in a Hollow” that he painted near Giverny. I wonder if that hollow is still there.


Done with oils by Claude Monet

Clearly, my rendition doesn’t do it justice, but I learned a lot about creating depth from recreating it. Sometimes I think it would be lovely to set up an easel and paint on the very spot that he did his.


Done in acrylics by Sandy Adam






Accommodations in Giverny

This is posing a little bit of difficulty for me right now. Back in February, I selected a lovely looking bed & breakfast that appears to be the perfect retreat to spend two days and recharge our batteries before the final leg of our trip. Here’s some photos:


B-B-Giverny 3

B-B-Giverny 2

Très charmant, non?

It’s situated about 5 miles from Monet’s Gardens, and since we’ll have a car, it will be an easy drive.

However, this is also a new listing on, so it had not been rated and reviewed by others. Still, I thought it was worth taking a chance based on the lovely photos.

Then, this past week, while I was gathering photos to share on this blog, I notice there were two reviews.

The first one rated it 8.8 on a scale of 1-10. Not bad. The comment:

“L’accueil chaleureux La gentillesse des hotes Le calme et un confort très agréable.”

Roughly translated, pleasant comfort and the hosts were kind.

Unfortunately, the second review was not so high, with a 4.4. Seems they ran into a bit of a problem with staying there on Easter weekend. They said the owner asked them to leave the premises while they went to a family dinner, because they didn’t want to leave guests there unattended, given that they had dogs.

This made me a little nervous. Now, one person giving a bad review could happen. But I’ve created a back up plan. We’ve got until May 16th to cancel our reservation, so I’ll be watching the establishment closely for the next couple of weeks to see if more bad reviews crop up. Sometimes owners will fix what’s wrong rather than risk losing rentals in the future.

More about the back up plan next time. Jusqu’à la prochaine fois!  (until next time)