Giverny Exploration Cont’d

B-B-Giverny Option 2

As I mentioned yesterday, I have a back up plan for Giverny. While the first bed & breakfast  really looks like an idyllic place to relax, there is another choice.

Apparently this B&B is little more remote, with no restaurants nearby, but the reviews were quite high.

B-B-Giverny Option 2a

A 10-minute drive from Claude Monet’s garden and home, this B&B is in Bus-Saint-Rémy. It offers a large garden and free Wi-Fi access in the lounge. I would prefer it in the room.. but I’m not picky.

All rooms are said to have a garden view and the en suite bathrooms include a walk-in shower, which I prefer over a bath.

What do you think? Choice 1 or Choice 2? As of now, I’ve booked both and would need to make a decision prior to May 10th.

Giverny and Monet’s Gardens

During my investigations, I found this video (filmed in August) that clearly helps one understand the inspiration behind some of Monet’s most famous water lily paintings. I expect to take a lot of photos and when I get home try my hand at recreating them in acrylics. In late May we expect to see azaleas, rhododendrons, irises, carnations, wisteria, peonies, geraniums, daisies and delphiniums.

Les jardins de Monet en août from Fondation Claude Monet Giverny on Vimeo.

Some of the interior pictures I’ve come across really have me excited to see this in person.

Monet interiorior blue monet interior yellow

Something that has always drawn me to Monet is his vibrant use of color. I never knew just how vibrant until I had the opportunity to see some works in person at the Chicago Art Institute. I think I would need to study for years to understand his techniques, but I’m willing to try.

Do you have a favorite Monet?



  • Cheryl Donaldson

    Hi Sandy,

    Both properties seem great. I don’t like the idea of the first property could ask you to leave without notification. Is it possible to mention you read that as a review to get some assurance that it will not happen on your visit?

    It all seems very lovely.


    • Hi Cheryl, thanks for your comment. I agree. didn’t give me a way to email the owners, but I think a little further investigation might help. Will keep you posted!