Planning for Spring in Paris

When we first set out to do our planning for Paris I thought it would be fairly routine. Book a flight, find a hotel and decide which sites we wanted to see. Turns out there’s a lot more going on than we first expected.

The first challenge was really to plan a trip for two people who have never traveled together before. Sure we’d spent a full day shopping, lunching or other such day trips, but two weeks could prove to be a tad more difficult. My girlfriend had said, “this is your dream trip, I’m just along for the ride”, I knew that it was imperative to always keep her feelings in mind. There was NO way I wanted to risk harming our lifelong friendship.

Parisian Gardens

Paris in Springtime.. what could be more cliche than that! Flowers in bloom and a plethora of parks to explore. This is something I knew she would really enjoy. Me? Well, I’m more the “walk the narrow streets and explore the shops” kind of gal, but since this is my first real vacation in over 15 years I think the tranquility of the gardens will make for a wonderful escape from daily life.

Our hotel in Paris is a short walk to the Jardin du Luxembourg. The Luxemburg Palace and fountain at the center of the park and is said to be the preferred spot for people-watching, sunning, and admiring the blooms of Spring. Statues of the royal women of France and Greek mythology surround the central pavilion so I think I’ll make sure to have my tripod and camera at the ready.

Also near our hotel is the Jardin des Plantes, which is said to contain a labyrinth that makes exploring the gardens a wonderful experience. At the center of the labyrinth, a gazebo with views of the surrounding gardens. The gardens are divided into themed sections, including tropical, alpine, rose and botanical. Between these two gardens in the Latin Quarter, I think this will make for a wonderfully relaxing day.

Of course, the bonus is that to get from one to the other, we’re going to have to walk some narrow, shop-lined streets. See, something for both of us!