Paris Trip Pre-Travel Costs

Well, aside from the obvious pre-travel costs such as airfare, hotel deposits, and car rental arrangements, there are a host of other costs I’ve run into. These range from updating your luggage, if need be, to buying some travel safety essentials.

MoneybeltGiven all the stories I’ve read about pickpockets in Paris, buying a few new items was a no-brainer. Better safe than sorry… forewarned is forearmed.. whatever your favorite cliché, I opted to be prepared. I headed over to the Rick Steves travel store and picked up two silk money belts, one for me, one for Jonell — and a couple of TSA travel locks for our luggage.

While I was on the site, I also took Rick’s suggestion on a clothesline and travel washcloths. I figured the clothesline was a great way to help us pack lighter, not wondering how we were going to wash out a few things in the hotel room. Of course, there is always a Laundromat  but that just felt like it would take away from our exploring time. Why not let the clothes air-dry while we’re out wandering.

Toss in a few European Adapters and cha-ching $96.00 spent.

Purses, Day Packs or Totes, Oh My!

I’ll admit this was a little daunting for me. I’m the type of girl who doesn’t take much pleasure in purse shopping. Don’t get me wrong, I love handbags, it’s just that it’s an overwhelming task for me. This one is too small, that one is too big, should I get something I love or something that will go with everything. I’m also fairly slopping when it comes to my purse. Most times you’ll find it slug over my should, zipper wide open for easy access. Wouldn’t the pickpockets be in heaven with that scenario.

pacsafeI opted for a Pacsafe anti-theft cross-body bag with an RFID protection pocket. I wanted to have room for my iPad mini and bluetooth keyboard. (I envision myself crafting a blog while sitting outdoors at a Parisian cafe sipping café au lait.) Then there is my camera and a travel tripod that expands to 42″, in hopes that I can get some awesome photos without jiggling the camera. There’s room for a small umbrella — after all, this is still Springtime in Paris.

All in all, I’m quite pleased with the size and the purchase that comes in at $80.00 plus tax.

The City of Lights = The City of Walking

clarksAnother essential was a great pair of walking shoes. I’ve been breaking them in by walking 3-5 miles a day this past week and will continue right up until we leave for Paris. I opted for something that was lightweight, comfortable and didn’t complete shout “AMERICAN” based on stories I read about white tennis shoe clad tourists being targets for theft.

Luckily, these were on sale for a modest $55.00. A great investment I think. Of course, I’ll be packing a second pair of “cute” shoes for when we get a little more dressed up for dinners we have planned.

So, tallied up.. around $230.00. It’s not terrible considering the peace of mind it delivers. What do you think? Extreme?

  • Cheryl Donaldson

    Good planning. FYI if you’re planning to use the metro: hold on to the ticket you use to enter the metro because you are going to need it to exit the metro. Otherwise you’ll have to use another ticket just to exit.