Dynamic Storytelling – A Coca-Cola Content 2020 Manifesto

Normally I’m not a big fan of regurgitating content I’ve stumbled across on other sites, but I was so inspired by the Coca-Cola Content 2020 Manifesto that I wanted to bring it all together in one spot to share with my readers. I highly recommend you set aside an hour or so to review these videos (video one is seven minutes, video two is 10 minutes and the third video is just over 27 minutes). And don’t be fooled.. this isn’t just for B2C brands. Those of you involved with B2B strategies should be able to grasp the concept and apply it fully to any brand.

What is Content 2020 ?

image of coca-cola content 2020Basically it’s Coca-Cola’s marketing mission statement. Content 2020, is the brainchild of Coca-Cola’s Jonathan MildenhallVP Global Advertising Strategy and Creative Excellence. At first, you’ll feel like you’re a fly on the wall in a Coca-Cola strategy meeting, where you’ve just discovered a glorious secret. In a way you have, but they’re quite open in sharing their ideas of where we’re all going in terms of digital content and dynamic storytelling. Continue reading