The Demise of RSS and Google Reader

By now you’ve probably heard that Google is scraping it’s Google Reader product. With the advent of social media I can’t say that I’m surprise. The writing was on the proverbial wall.

RSS (Really Simple Syndication)¬†feeds and readers were always better suited for “power users” – those who consume a large volume of content on a daily basis. The general public never really caught on to the benefits or understood just how to set it up because they weren’t really all that simple.

The demise of RSS doesn’t sadden me one bit, even as a power user, because my habits for consuming content have almost completely switched to my social networks.

When I want to know what’s going on I turn naturally to my¬†Twitter feed to stay on top on my industry and peers, my Facebook to connect with friends, family and to see what my favorite Brands are up to and Google+ for developing new interests and meeting new like-minded people. I use LinkedIn to stay in touch with colleagues and see what news they have to share. Continue reading

Social Madness HELP Needed – $10,000 for Charity at Stake

Calling All Social Connections. YOUR HELP NEEDED!!

I try not to make pleas for help on social sites, but we’re nearing the end of the competition and I’ll pulling out the BIG GUNS! You! My valued network.

There’s only 4 days left in the Social Madness Competition. The company I work for is lagging by 1562 points. This is for charity.. the chance to name the organization that will receive $10,000 US from Capital One. This is the final local round, so even if you voted before, you can vote one last time before July 16th. Continue reading