Traveling to Giverny

I’m really looking forward to visiting Monet’s Gardens at Giverny. I’m also assuming that given it will be late May there will be a lot of color. Monet is by far my favorite Impressionist. I even tried to emulate his wonderful “Poppy Field in a Hollow” that he painted near Giverny. I wonder if that hollow is still there.


Done with oils by Claude Monet

Clearly, my rendition doesn’t do it justice, but I learned a lot about creating depth from recreating it. Sometimes I think it would be lovely to set up an easel and paint on the very spot that he did his.


Done in acrylics by Sandy Adam






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Using Twitter to Hire Social Media Marketer, No Paper Resumes Accepted

Today I was lurking on Twitter while watching a movie on TV when a post came through from @ValaAfshar, who is the CMO and the Chief Customer Officer for Enterasys Networks. I noticed he was going to use Twitter to hire a social media marketer.

tweet from Vala Afshar

When I read that tweet, my first thought was, damn right it could! Why? Because if it weren’t for Twitter I wouldn’t be where I am today. I was sitting at home one Saturday evening in October watching a World Series game, tweeting about the game. All of which was VERY out of character for me. I rarely sat home on a Saturday, I rarely watch baseball, and at that time, I had NEVER  tweeted while watching TV or followed a baseball hashtag. Across the screen came a tweet about a Social Media Manager position in Pittsburgh. I responded to the tweet and well, the rest is history. I got the job.

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I Made the Top 1% Most Viewed Profiles on LinkedIn for 2012

image 1% on LinkedInLast month, LinkedIn announced that they had hit the 200 million member mark. A hearty congratulations to the Company and their team! This week they started sending out congratulatory emails to members to thank them for contributing to their success. I happened make the top 1% viewed profiles.

What was really exciting to me was to get emails from my co-workers wanting to share their emails from LinkedIn. We’ve been working really hard to help everyone understand the value of social and building their personal brand online. Looks like we’re making some great progress. Some came in at 10% while others came in at 5%. I’m very proud of them.

I also think this is going to spur a little friendly competition for them to work hard to get themselves into the 1% club.

My 3 Words for 2013

Happy New Year … indeed! I love January 1st. The exhilaration you can feel in firmly leaving something behind to move on to new adventures. I’m not a resolution type of person, but this year I have been inspired by @ChrisBrogan so much so that I felt compelled to contribute My 3 Words for 2013.

My 3 Words for 2013

My 3 Words for 2013Bravery – It’s so easy to think that others have better ideas or bigger vision than I could ever possibly hope to have. But in reality that’s pretty much of a cop out. I don’t give myself enough credit and it’s time to stop acting like I am any less than others. I have great ideas, insight and vision and I will bravely share that with others. I will not hold back for fear of rejection. If my great ideas are never presented the only thing certain is 100% rejection.

Focus – There’s so much in the world that fascinates me. Whether it’s art, cultures of other lands, business ideas and strategies, and professional development. With the plethora of ideas and information sometimes it’s hard to focus on what I personally need in my life. So this year I will focus on taking care of me at least as much as I try to take care of others. Continue reading

What the Social Era and Moneyball Have in Common

Some people love football, some love hockey or Nascar or Formula 1. I love baseball. Well, in particular I love baseball movies. Everyone I have ever watched has provided me with some nugget of inspiration that I could apply to my own career. Last night, I cozied up on the couch to watch Moneyball for the 3rd time. I love the Billy Beane line “How can you not get romantic about baseball?” The romance is in the strategy. The business model, the player selection, the game roster. It’s a model that fits for just about every business. I think that baseball certainly has nuggets of inspiration for those of us navigating the waters of this new Social Era. How so? Well, let’s look back a little. Continue reading